Thriving urban

video treatment



The core idea of ‘Thriving Urban’ is about the chaos of urban life juxtaposed with the peaceful strategies delivered by our presenter Maz.

Thus the rhythm of each piece is orchestrated largely through establishing fast paced location shots, these are then mixed with warm, welcoming to camera delivery and panning/tracking shots of our presenter.

There is a focus on colour, energy and sound. There is an intimacy achieved with the viewer through urban shots that seem somewhat familiar to the target audience


Personality Focus

Our presenter is designed to offer a sense of tranquility and leadership.

Shots will be slow tracking and glide cam, filmed in soft, early morning light when outside and lit with a softbox or natural light when inside.

Presenter is always speaking directly to camera, either in centre of frame or walking through location.

Presenter is always shown as calm, strong and welcoming.

Music will be down tempo and will provide backing, music will not lead the shots, nor will it play a large part in directing the energy of these scenes.

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City Focus

The urban environment is the co-star of this series. Shots will be intimate and fast paced. The city will come to feel like a character, it will have a sense of life and place and depth. Viewers will feel a sense of connection through the use of roaming, ‘vlog like’ cinematography. Editing will be quick cut and soundtrack led. These shots are designed to break up and give context to the messages put forward by our presenter.


Apartment focus

Because a large part of ‘Thriving Urban’ revolves around ‘at home approaches to health’ there will be a large amount of interior cinematography throughout the series. Shots will be slow/panning/glide cam. Shots will frequently include the presenter who will move throughout the frame.